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Discover What Valzy Can Do For You

Rule of Thumb

Express Valuation feature

Get a quick estimate of value for your clients business using Rule of Thumb just by answering a few simple questions

White Label

Customize your final report to look like your own

White label your report by uploading your firms logo and choosing your own color theme to implemented on your PDF reports

Manage Reports

Manage versions of reports for different outcomes

Create multiple versions of a report for the same company to view fluctuations and changes

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Share Settings

Share reports with Users inside and outside of Your firm

If you are unaware or missing any information, simply share the a report with a user within or outside of your organization


Personalized notes in each report

Write notes in each report and even choose whether or not you would like to inlcude them in the PDF report. This allows for easy collaboration, explanation, and personalization in each report

Release to 3rd Party

Send the completed valuation to your client

Send your client the final PDF version of their business’s valuation straight from the within system

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Manage Reports

Manage multiple versions of the same report

Take a snapshot of your clients previous report and update the report with new data to quickly create an updated version of the report


See all your client's reports all in one place

Our user freindly Dashboard allows you to see all the reports you have created all in one spot

Dashboard Features

Use the Dashboard to access features

From the Dashboard you can access features like Share Settings, Release to 3rd Party, Manage Versions, and more

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We know business valuations can be complex and difficult. WIth Valzy, we can help you eliminate the complexity.

Save Time

Business valuations can be very time consuming. Valzy allows users to generate a report in less than 20 minutes.

Save Money

Business valuations are expensive. Valzy creates a full PDF business valuation for a fraction of the price

Simplify the Process

Business Valuations are complex and are subject to human error. Given all Company information and data is entered correctly, Valzy will help eliminate this risk

Empower Client Business Decisions

Plan Your Client's Future

It is important for your clients to understand the value of their business for many reasons. One of these reasons is to help your client plan for their own future as well as their business's future. A typical example is that within a business valuation report, there should be a dedicated section that discusses the Company’s risks factors. These risk factors can range from things like supplier concentration, keyman risks, barriers to entry, and more. Valzy has an entire section built into its algorithm which factors risk rates like these into the calculation of the business valuation.

Attract Investors

Before accepting an investment, always make it a point to know the fair market value of your client's business. This will help you in advising your client on the proper value of their business to ensure that no money is left on the table on either side.

Plan For An Expansion

Creating an expansion plan entails analyzing things like a business’s risk parameters, financial history, daily operations, and so on. All of these must be carefully detailed in any reputable business valuation. Getting an accurate valuation is critically helpful in showing a business owner what facets of their business they need to focus on to expand. Are sales stable? Are earnings growing year-over-year? Is the balance sheet strong enough to support a safe expansion? These are all questions a business owner should get answered from a reliable business valuation.

Ensure Fair Market Value

One of the most important reasons that business owners should know the value of their business is to ensure the owner gets a fair value for their business if they ever choose to sell it. Many small business owners rely on the sale of their business to fund their retirement, other future business opportunities, etc., and while hiring an accountant or valuation analyst to appraise a business can be costly, it could save a business owner thousands of dollars, if not millions in the long run. There are many horror stories revolving around business owners selling their businesses for well under fair market value. Additionally, if a business owner knows the value of their business prior to putting the business up for sale, he or she could plan accordingly to ensure the best value when deciding to sell.

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